The Life on Purpose Academy

The monthly life coaching program for moms 
who want to live with peace, purpose and presence


This fall we are working through these four areas of life: Home, Family, Love and Friendships.

You will get your own copy of the Life on Purpose Workbook to use and you will get teaching on the monthly topic.

The doors closed AUGUST 31 2020 and will reopen at the end of 2020. 



Each month there will be a lesson on topics related to living your life on purpose. 

Topics will include: knowing what you want in your life, setting goals and habits, doing hard things, parenting, marriage, health and wellness, simplifying your life, time management, homemaking, and more. 

In the words of one of the members "Shawna gets down to the nitty gritty of the topics to make the lessons as concrete and beneficial as possible! It's hard to put into words how helpful the academy is. I am so much more hopeful and self-aware!"

What members are saying about LOPA


This program is for moms who want to show up for their lives with peace, purpose, and presence.
Sometimes that means setting some goals and making big changes.
Sometimes that means shifting into more empowering mindsets that help you show up for your actual life.

What makes LOPA different are special components such as:

  • the monthly lessons can be done at your own preference and calls attended at your convenience

  • the monthly lessons and weekly calls allow you consistent support on the issues you want to be working on

Values based
  • this program will empower you to build into a life based on your own personal values and not the valued and success definitions of others

  • the Enneagram is a self-discovery tool that is used in LOPA lessons, and can be offered in the coaching support if you wish

Trained Life Coach
  • LOPA is run by a trained life coach, and mom of three, who has been coaching women all over the world on all aspects of their life, from friendships to family members to business goals

Christian values
  • LOPA isn't a Christian coaching program, but it is a coaching program run by a Christian and includes faith-based values 

The Fall Series


This program is directed to moms who want to show up for their real actual life with more peace, purpose and presence. 

This program is for you if:
► you want real practical lessons that aren't overwhelming
► you want the support to take what you learn and put it into practice
► you are ready to address the mindsets that are holding you back from showing up well for your life
► you want a life coach and fellow mom in your corner to help you along the way


This program is for women who want to enjoy the life they have. 
Through the lessons and coaching, this program will offer you ways to:
➮ take action on the things in your power to change
➮ find peace with the things that you cannot change
➮ use the tools you learn to coach yourself through limiting mindsets
➮ show up with more confidence and skill in living

Shawna Scafe

The Life on Purpose Academy is hosted by Shawna Scafe of Simple on Purpose.
Shawna is a minimalist mom of three, trained life coach, author of the Life on Purpose Workbook and host of the Simple on Purpose podcast


What if I can't attend the live calls

All the calls are recorded and replays are available as audio or video. 
If you can't make a Q+A call, you can submit your question in advanced to be addressed on the call. 
If you can't make a coaching call you can get written coaching or set up a private coaching call at the member rate. 

What will I get access to

Currently, all new members will get access to all the program content from March 2020 and forward. 
This includes the monthly lessons, worksheets, and call replays. 

Do I need to join at the beginning of the month?

You can join anytime. Enrollment is always open. 
Whenever you feel ready for support and change, that is the time to join. 

Do I need to be a Christian to join?

There are many members in the program with various faith-beliefs. All faiths are welcome and respected. 

Joining the program

Enrolment is currently closed for the Fall Series. Sign up here to stick around Simple on Purpose and get notified on when enrolment reopens later this year.

The membership terms can be found right here.